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Simonsig Tactical Case Study

Simonsig Wine Estate is synonymous with the history of the South African wine industry, the Stellenbosch wine region, and the Malan family name.

Bitzer Case Study 

Industrial Client Supplying a Key Component to the Refrigeration Industry

Radio Taxis UK

The Marketing Centre helps Radio Taxis to create a marketing structure and define their strategy.


Carol Avenant
Part-time Marketing Director

Big Biz Experience:   

Old Mutual; Sun International

Small Biz Experience: 

Ceres Beverages; Novare Investments


Peter Ivanoff
Part-time Marketing Director

Big Biz Experience: Sasol Oil (Pty) Ltd Edcon Retailing Group

Small Biz Experience: Eazybranch Logistics (Pty) Ltd Uniplate (Pty) Ltd

Kate Cole-Bowen
Part Time Marketing Director

Big Biz Experience:   

Glodina (Pty) Ltd

Small Biz Experience: 

Republic Umbrella (Pty )Ltd

The Aromatherapy Company New Zealand


Karen Hill
Part-time Marketing Director

Big Biz Experience:   

Dimension Data; Sage

Small Biz Experience: 

Highpeak Technology Services; Tentpole Data Analytics


Pedro Casimiro
Regional Director

Big Biz Experience: Massmart, Unilever, Marketing in 15+ countries across Africa

Small Biz Experience: Advertising and media agencies. Apparel industry.

Tony Sousa
Regional Director Northern Suburbs

Big Biz Experience:

MTN SA, Acceleration Media, GloCell

Small Biz Experience:

The Preserve, Triple play

Simone Girling
Regional Director Cape Town

Big Biz Experience: The Financial Times, The Penguin Group, Pearson Education, QVC, Jones Lang LaSalle

Small Biz Experience: Nashua, PRS Alliance

Heidi Patmore
Part-time Marketing Director

Big Biz Experience: Nokia; Paycode

Small Biz Experience: Limelight Advertising; Clarkhouse Human Capital


Our method has been fine tuned through the years whilst working with many mid-size businesses. This results in you finding the best Marketing Director for your company and your culture. So how does this work?


Business owners can become confused about marketing and that’s totally understandable. Between marketing consultant’s jargon and your sales team potentially considering marketing as part of their departmental function, it can become difficult to know how to move forward effectively. In fact, marketing results can lack focus or consistency, both in implementation and in measurement.

The Marketing Centre approach does away with all these confusing elements, encapsulated through our approach of marketing in a straight forward matrix, called the Marketing 360.

Business Insights

As you would think,  having a large team of highly skilled Marketing Directors provides us with access to an abundance of diverse know-how. We want to share this with you, so you can develop a better understanding of why certain factors work (and how), as well as why they don’t always work out as intended. Above all, knowing what to do next.

Tech Innovators - Do you have the marketing skills to beat the innovation curve 10 years to mainstream adoption?
  It takes guts to be an innovator. You’re disrupting an industry. And if you’re on the cutting-edge of technology in industries such as telecoms, fintech or insur ...
  • by Marga Schlesinger
  • 23 July 2019
Distributors - Your sales presenter is leaving hundreds of thousands of Rands on the table
  No one is going to dispute that getting a new, unknown product onto a retailer’s shelf isn’t one of the toughest jobs out there. Any sales rep working for a dist ...
  • by Pedro Casimiro
  • 12 July 2019
Do you run your marketing budget like an accountant?
  In our ‘Mad Men’ view of marketing, this is where the fun, ‘fluffy’ side of business happens. The crazy creative ideas, the ad campaigns with beautiful ...
  • by Tony Sousa
  • 04 July 2019
The Marketing Centre appoints Marga Schlesinger as part of the Gauteng leadership team
The Marketing Centre provides experienced marketing directors on a part-time basis to successful firms, and we have added to our regional team in Gauteng with the appointment ...
  • by Marga Schlesinger
  • 18 June 2019
Use Marketing to Build your Business and Sell it
Introduction Every business wants to grow, but not always for the reasons you might think. For many business owners, the ultimate purpose of growth is to place their compan ...
  • by Sally Shuttleworth
  • 13 June 2019
Free eBook - Making Marketing ROI (ROMI) Work for Your Business
 We have published an eBook titled Making Marketing ROI (ROMI) Work for Your Business - A step by step guide for business owners. Return on Marketing Investment is som ...
  • by Sally Shuttleworth
  • 02 May 2019
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