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Why Us

Why Us

Help focus, grow and strengthen your business with a part-time Marketing Director.

Do you need highly skilled in-house marketing expertise but simply can’t justify it full time, or haven’t found the right person? Confused by marketing consultant language and being “sold at”? Confident in your business but need someone working for you with the tools and experience to help you develop and grow? The Marketing Centre provides flexible access to part-time proven Marketing Directors in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape.

Embrace the best

The Marketing Centre has a mission; provide mid-size companies in South Africa with their own part-time Marketing Directors with a proven history of delivering significant impact. This provides businesses with in-house access to the knowledge, energy and expertise required, to build and grow your business that you may not be able to afford, or really need on a full-time basis. Our strict selection process means we only choose the most proven Marketing Directors – to ensure that you get the best.

Why consider part-time

Your choice: A full time marketing manager with little strategic skill, looking to you to tell them what to do? A marketing consultant who produces a strategic document but doesn’t roll up their sleeves and DO? An agency that only responds to briefs, who doesn’t think strategically and uses marketing lingo? Or a highly skilled, part-time Marketing Director joining your in-house team, with a proven career history, working throughout your business, using normal language and who gets stuck-in.

Proven process that delivers

The Marketing 360 method allows your Marketing Director to gain the clarity required to kick start your business growth. We include all elements of marketing, from brand positioning, lead generation and customer retention, right through to reporting, execution and the communication tools. We develop a strategic business and marketing plan, with emphasis on the areas of priority and get to work. Keen to see for yourself?

The right match for you

The Marketing Centre has over 30 proven Marketing Directors working for ambitious mid-size companies throughout South Africa. Contact us and the relevant Regional Director will meet with you (cost and commitment free) to learn more about your business and understand your goals. They will advise on which Marketing Director in the team they think will suit both you and your business perfectly. A face to face interview with them then ensures the right fit.

Our track record of performance

We have assisted hundreds of businesses achieve their business goals. Whether you are a family run business aiming to grow and hand over to other family members. A mid-size company determined to grow your market share. Or an entrepreneur needing skilled, impartial marketing advice and hands on assistance to accelerate your company’s growth.
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We may not be for you

Over the years, we have learned where we provide best value, support and impact, and that’s largely within businesses turning over R30 million or more. Why? Businesses of this size are generally ready and able to make the most of the realignment, strategic execution and growth plans a part-time Marketing Director will develop.

Be in control from the start

Many business owners discover that having a Marketing Director 4 days a month provides the best balance between creating forward momentum and real impact, but affordably. Some need increased time initially to create the momentum required, and then revert to once a week further down the line. Our flexible work engagement provides you with the power to increase or reduce the time investment at any point, so you are in control from the start.

Do you need to focus and strengthen your business?

Access marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource…

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