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Our Partners

The Liberti Group is the Global Number 1 provider of high calibre part-time professionals and is dedicated to championing part-time professional portfolio careers across a variety of business disciplines via a family of brands sharing the philosophy.

The Marketing Centre UK provides part-time senior level proven Marketing Directors to small and mid-size businesses across the United Kingdom. It is the sister business to The Marketing Centre SA.

The FD Centre was established in 2001. It was the first business to provide part-time Finance Director services in the SA. The FD Centre has since become the largest and most respected provider of part-time Finance Director services.

UK Partners

Part-time senior sales directors to restructure and train sales teams to re-focus and deliver results.

Allows mid-size businesses to develop an on-going relationship with to an in-house lawyer on a part-time affordable basis, leveraging the advantages of having a dedicated in-house resource.

The UK’s largest and most experienced team of part-time (often termed “fractional”) IT Directors, CIOs and CTOs. It works exclusively in the SME and mid-market sector and is completely independent.

Strategic HR on a part-time basis to bring insight and commercial acumen into a business. It integrates culture, skills, keeping talent and leadership resulting in an effective process and strategy to achieve business goals.

YRH Finance Team services span the entire accounting and finance process, helping increase profits, improve cash flow and giving peace of mind that all the accounting bases are covered.

Help focus and strengthen your business

Do you need highly skilled in-house marketing expertise but simply can’t justify it full time or haven’t found the right person?