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Our method has been fine tuned through the years whilst working with many mid-size businesses. This results in you finding the best Marketing Director for your company and your culture. So how does this work? Read further here.

Meet your Regional Director

Your Regional Director will meet with you to learn about your business dreams and goals, as well as your frustrations and brick walls. They will talk you through the process of selecting and working with a part-time Marketing Director, and answer any questions you have about the costs, timescales, and team.

The Regional Director identifies the most suitable Marketing Director

Our selection criteria is centred around industry experience and key areas of expertise, but  most essentially, we consider the “cultural” fit. We know each of our team members personally, and will narrow down those we feel fit your business needs best. You then meet  and chat to the Marketing Director (one or two depending on how you feel), placing the final choice of who you’re going to work with in your hands.

Identify key priorities

We begin to work. We don’t spend unnecessary time writing proposals. Utilising our tried and tested, highly effective Marketing 360 model, your Marketing Director works alongside your senior team or managers to agree the key priorities for marketing your business. This is often done through a facilitated workshop process, which creates momentum, achieving alignment and understanding of what can be achieved with professional marketing help. And at this stage we get to work and put the plan into action.

Consistent time each week at your premises

We’re most effective when we’re in your business consistently, typically a day a week. We become your in-house Marketing Director. Assuming responsibility and leading your marketing, developing systems, activities, reporting, coaching your team, becoming an central member of your senior exec team.

Much more than a single expert – access to the entire team at no additional cost!

Even though you work directly with your dedicated Marketing Director, they are strongly connected to the rest of the Marketing Centre’s team around South Africa, providing you with a gateway to a valuable wealth of expertise, skills and business network. Through the wider team, we can provide a broad supplier network – our very own Little Black Book of tried & tested support services. And that’s just one part of our role.

Our Little Black Book

As you would imagine, during a number of years of  building our team of diverse Marketing Directors, our team has developed a pretty remarkable, diverse and weighty Little Black Book of tried and tested suppliers. These connections are freely available to all the businesses we work for, offering you an instant pool of hundreds of suppliers at no additional cost to you. So even if your Marketing Director doesn’t have their own recommendation on a supplier,  they always have a fellow team member they can call on – and they can also easily contact the entire team both in South Africa and the UK to ask for recommendations.

We will be close by

Your Regional Director will maintain regular contact with you in order to assess progress and provide further support. Together, you could opt to introduce or work with a different Marketing Director to access a specific and different skill-set, or add in a flexible marketing manager, or even decelerate or accelerate your existing plans. Your Regional Director’s role is to support you at every step of the way.

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